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In the spirit of wine and conviviality,
Let’s set off for the land of flavours!
Where throughout a wine tasting session, your awakened senses will discover aromas.
It’s an hour and a half cruise, during which,
we will taste several wines of different colours, from various areas and grape varieties.
You will then find out, not only, the vine and the viticulture, the stages and the tasting techniques, but also the wine language.

The Art d’Y Vin can also adapt itself
to your gustative pleasure,
by organising the wine tasting on the theme of your choice.

Adventurous travellers…
We will go to the lands called “vineyards”
to meet these men called «wine makers».
The land, the men, the vine,
Sharing a slice of life. For just the time of a stop over…


Throughout a meal I will introduce you to the pleasures of wine tasting and cover the following topics :

- For an aperitif : The evolution of wine
- As a starter : The technique of wine tasting
- For the main course : A description of the selected wines
- The cheese course : Matching wine and food
- For dessert : I will happily answer any questions you may have (open discussion)

Sommelièrement vôtre !


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